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Clover brings together a strong POS system with quality hardware designed to streamline your business. Printers, cash registers, and payment terminals, in combination with proprietary software, replaces virtually every tracking need your business has. With that said, there are some pretty clear reasons Clover don’t top our list of recommended retail POS systems. We’ll give you all of them right here…

As one of the youngest mainstream POS system on the market—launched in 2012—Clover is also one of the more difficult to review. Founded by John Beatty, Kelvin Zheng, and Leonard Speiser, its lead investor was Sutter Hill Ventures.

It was acquired by First Data Corporation—a major player in credit card processing—and is sold to both the Bank of America Merchant Services and PNC Merchant Services merchant base.

What They Do

Clover is a feature-rich POS system that offers a fully functional point of sale solution to its customers. As a software package, Clover is almost flawless in the tools it delivers.

How They Do It

By using Clover’s App Marketplace, you can create a customized and powerful tool to track inventory, generate detailed reports, track revenue and expenses, manage your employees, and maintain customer relationships.

But herein lies the issue.

Clover’s hardware is proprietary. The additional apps you download to give you flexibility and added features cost money. The POS system itself isn’t cheap. Everything adds up to make this one of the more expensive POS setups, despite it being one of the most suitable options for new small businesses. Finally, it is virtually impossible to implement this software without a merchant account.

Who Needs Clover POS?


  • Appealing user interface
  • Large app store
  • Flexible and customizable to your business needs
  • Easy to set up


  • No flexibility in merchant account or hardware
  • Deteriorating customer service and customer support

The Wrap Up

Easily one of our top 5 in terms of features and functionality, the software is seamless and intuitive. It is simple to use and fast to set up, and highly flexible.

Unfortunately, Clover is offered through your bank, merchant services provider, or a small business supplier—not through Clover. If you have an issue, you contact your provider—not Clover. This disconnect could explain why many of the technical issues and customer service complaints go unaddressed for long periods.

If your merchant services provider offers Clover and you intend to stay with that provider long-term, this may be an excellent POS solution for your business in Canada. If not, we recommend keeping your mind open to other options.

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7.6 Good


  • Own hardware
  • App marketPlace


  • Nice interface
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy to set up
  • Large app store


  • Limited features
  • Staffed costs

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