Looking for a POS system for your Restaurant? Compare the best Restaurant Software in Canada!


lightspeed restaurant pos


iPad ePOS

Quick service restaurants

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Bars & Pub ePOS

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Lightspeed Payments (Adyen)

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Restaurant POS

Bakery POS system

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SQ code menu

Bars & Cafes POS

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Cluster POS system

Cluster POS

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Floor Plan

Online Ordering

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Truffle POS system

Truffle POS

Self-Service Order Pickup

Cloud Kitchen Software

Order Management

Kitchen Display

Contactless Smart Food Locker

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Quick Service Restaurant POS

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Severless Printing

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Clover Restaurant

Card readers and POS devices

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Virtual Terminal

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Epos Now

Epos Pocket

Hospitality POS system

All-in-one restaurant solution

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Pizza POS

Micros (Oracle)

Ghost Kitchens

Drive Thru


ERP for Restaurants

Online Ordering and Delivery

Table Service

Top 10 Best Restaurant POS Systems Canada

We have reviewed quite a number of POS systems in Canada and we know that it can be difficult to choose the right system for your business.

To help you find the best option, we have compiled a list of our top 10 restaurant POS systems based on several different factors, including price and restaurant POS software features.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS: For Restaurants and Cafes

lightspeed restaurant pos

Lightspeed Restaurant POS is a leading point-of-sale system tailored for restaurants, offering intuitive features to streamline operations. It is a Canadian company with their headquarters located in Montreal. This POS empowers restaurateurs to manage orders, process payments, track inventory, and analyse sales data seamlessly.


  • Intuitive Order Management System
  • Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing
  • Customisable Menu Engineering
  • Integrated Reservations and Table Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • Inventory Management and Stock Control
  • Staff Management and Shift Scheduling
  • Mobile Ordering and Contactless Payments
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools
  • Multi-location Management Capabilities

Price: Lightspeed Restaurant POS pricing starts from $69 CAD per location. 

Touchbistro POS: For Start-up and Scaling Restaurants

Touchbistro pos system

TouchBistro serves as a comprehensive all-in-one solution for restaurant management needs, ideal for both start-ups and expanding establishments. TouchBistro offers a seamless interface encompassing tableside ordering and payment processing, customisable menu management, and integrated reservations and table control.  It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.  


  • Staff Management: Efficient shift scheduling and task management.
  • Analytics and Reports: Real-time insights and comprehensive reporting.
  • Kitchen Management: Streamlined operations and order tracking.
  • Menu Management: Easy customisation and updates.
  • Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing: Direct table service for quicker transactions.
  • Floor and Table Management: Optimised seating arrangements.
  • Loyalty Programme Integration: Rewarding repeat customers and enhancing retention.

Price: The Touchbistro Restaurant POS system pricing starts at $69/month

Cluster POS: For Small Restaurants Looking for Ease of Use

Cluster POS system

Cluster POS is a leading restaurant management system tailored for businesses in Canada, offering a range of innovative features to streamline operations. With its headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec, Cluster POS provides a comprehensive solution for managing orders, processing payments, and tracking inventory. 


  • Cloud Convenience for easy access and management.
  • User-friendly interface for intuitive operation.
  • Simplified operations for efficient workflow.
  • Tableside/Quick Service functionality for faster service.
  • Online Ordering capabilities for added convenience.
  • Integrations with other business tools and services.
  • Floor plan management for optimising seating arrangements.
  • Pick-up and delivery management for seamless order fulfilment.

Price: Cluster POS does not indicate the price on the website. You can get a quote directly from the provider. 

Truffle POS: Best for Order Management and Delivery

Truffle POS system

Truffle POS redefines restaurant management with its innovative features and user-centric design. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Truffle POS offers a cloud-based platform that provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, Truffle offers a seamless and intuitive interface experience that simplifies operations and enhances efficiency.


  • Place orders digitally for convenience.
  • Orders are automatically prepared for pickup.
  • Efficiently manage kitchen orders.
  • Customers can pick up orders themselves.
  • Utilise cloud-based kitchens for flexibility.
  • Manage multiple locations seamlessly.
  • Receive notifications and reminders for orders.
  • Utilise smart food lockers for order storage.
  • Integrate with third-party POS systems and online ordering platforms.

Price: Truffle POS pricing starts at $89.99 CAD per month

MYR POS: For Quick Service Restaurants

MYR POS System

MYR POS, headquartered in Montreal, offers a streamlined and comprehensive point-of-sale system tailored specifically for quick-service restaurants. With our intuitive platform, managing orders, processing payments, and tracking inventory has never been easier. Experience efficiency and convenience with MYR POS – the ultimate choice for quick-service restaurants.


  • Online Ordering for convenient remote transactions.
  • Mobile POS for flexibility and on-the-go service.
  • Phone Ordering System to cater to all customer preferences.
  • Franchises & Multi-locations management for scalability.
  • Kitchen Display System for efficient order management.
  • Drive-thru Ordering System for seamless drive-thru operations.
  • Inventory management for tracking stock levels.
  • Ingredient Tracking for detailed inventory control.
  • Employee Management for scheduling and performance tracking.

Price: MYR POS pricing starts at $80 CAD/mo per location


Square Restaurant POS: Cheapest Restaurant POS System

Square pos im

Square for Restaurants is the ultimate all-in-one POS solution designed to revolutionise your dining experience. Whether you’re running a full-service restaurant, a quick-service eatery, or a cosy coffee shop, Square POS offers intuitive features like table, course, and item management, advanced reporting, and live sales tracking to streamline operations and fulfil orders faster. It has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. 


  • Table, course, and item management
  • Advanced reporting and live sales tracking
  • Intuitive interface for streamlined operations
  • Suitable for various types of restaurants and businesses
  • Simplified yet powerful tools for smooth operations
  • Flexible Payment Options 

Price: Square Restaurant POS pricing starts at $0/mo for the basic operations. 

Toast POS

toast restaurant pos

Toast POS is the go-to solution for restaurants, offering a comprehensive system that simplifies operations and enhances customer experiences. With its intuitive interface and robust features, including online ordering and delivery management, Toast POS empowers businesses to streamline operations and drive growth. The head office is in Toronto, ON. 


  • Seamless online ordering and integrated delivery management.
  • Customisable interface for tailored restaurant needs.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Integration with other management tools and platforms.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Toast POS pricing starts at $120

Clover Restaurant POS


With its sleek and user-friendly interface, Clover simplifies order management, payment processing, and inventory tracking. The system’s robust reporting and analytics features enable restaurants to gain valuable insights into their performance and make informed decisions. It is headquartered in Toronto making an ideal choice for restaurants in Canada.


  • User-friendly order management
  • Smooth payment processing
  • Effective inventory tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Customisable interface
  • Scalable for businesses of any size

Price: Clover POS starts at $100 CAD/month

Epos Now

eposnow image

Epos Now is a leading provider of comprehensive point-of-sale solutions tailored for businesses in the hospitality industry. With headquarters based in London, UK, Epos Now offers a versatile and intuitive platform designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. It is an ideal resource for chain restaurants.


  • Detailed inventory tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customisable menu options
  • Table and floor management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Contactless payment options

Price: Epos Now POS pricing starts at $25/mo

Micros POS

Micros pos systems

Oracle’s Micros POS systems provide a robust platform for growth, offering efficient online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery capabilities. With the flexibility to expand menu options through cloud kitchens and virtual brands, Micro POS connects front-of-house, kitchen, and back-office operations seamlessly.  While the head office is in the USA, it has offices in various cities in Canada including Mississauga, ON. 


  • Online ordering capabilities
  • Curbside pickup and delivery options
  • Menu expansion through cloud kitchens and virtual brands
  • Integration of front-of-house, kitchen, and back-office operations
  • Industry-leading security measures
  • Fast deployment
  • Efficient and user-friendly interface
  • Scalability for growth and adaptation

Price: Oracle does not publish the Micros POS on the website. Contact the provider for a quote. 

Which POS System should you choose for your hospitality business?

In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, selecting the best POS system in Canada is paramount to success. With numerous options available, each boasting unique features and capabilities, determining the optimal choice can be challenging. Here are our recommendations for the various business types in the hospitality industry: 

POS systems for Quick Service Restaurants:

  • TouchBistro: Efficient tableside ordering, ideal for fast-paced environments.
  • Lightspeed: Seamless integration with delivery platforms and easy menu customisation.

POS systems for Cafes:

  • Square Restaurant: Simple interface and integration with online ordering platforms.
  • Lightspeed: Customisable interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

POS systems for Bars:

  • Toast: Specialised features for bars, including tab management and drink modifiers.
  • Lightspeed: Versatile platform and integration with online ordering systems.

POS systems for Fine and Casual Dining Restaurants:

  • Lightspeed: Tailored features for fine dining, such as tableside ordering and detailed menu customisation.
  • Touchbistro: Flexibility and comprehensive features suitable for both fine and casual dining.

POS systems for Food Trucks:

  • Clover: Mobile POS capabilities and offline mode for mobility and fast-paced operations.
  • Square Restaurant: Portable card readers and easy setup for efficient payments in limited space.

POS systems for Pizzerias:

  • TouchBistro: Robust features for pizza customisation and delivery management.
  • Truffle POS: Advanced capabilities for managing pizza ingredients and tracking deliveries.

POS systems for Delivery and Takeout:

  • MYR: Integration with delivery apps and order tracking for optimised efficiency.
  • Truffle: Comprehensive reporting tools and integration with online ordering platforms.

By carefully evaluating features, scalability, ease of use, and customer support, you can select a restaurant POS system that optimally supports your business operations and facilitates growth in the competitive restaurant landscape.

Restaurant POS Cost comparison

Restaurant POS Pricing p/m start Type of business
Lightspeed Restaurant CA$69.00 Restaurant, Cafe
Touchbistro CA$69.00 Full service restaurants
Clover POS CA$100.00 Quick service hospitality
Square Restaurant POS CA$60.00 Counter service
Toast POS CA$80.00 Restaurants
Epos Now CA$39.00 Pub, bakery, pizza
Revel systems CA$99.00 Full service restaurants
MYR POS CA$80.00 Quick service hospitality
Truffle POS CA$89.99 Order and delivery restaurants