5 Best Tablet POS Systems in Canada – November 2023

How about upgrading your business operations with the best tablet POS systems? Notably, 67% of restaurateurs consider tech integration crucial for their businesses. Our experts share insights on the best tablet POS systems in Canada, helping you choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

Are you intrigued yet? Discover our top picks and how these platforms can revolutionise your business operations!

Our Top Picks for the Best Tablet POS

Square POS: Best Overall POS System

square logo


Square is considered the best overall tablet POS system due to its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing.


Square POS stands out as a top-rated tablet POS system thanks to its range of features to enhance business operations. It comes with free software and a card reader, bolstering the ease of kick-starting your point-of-sale setup.

Notably, Square POS is compatible with Android and iOS devices, providing versatility for different user preferences.

Including an inventory management feature enables businesses to keep track of their stock levels effortlessly. This function enhances efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual record-keeping tasks.


  • Square POS is compatible with Android and iOS devices, providing flexibility for various businesses.
  • Square POS offers free and Plus plans for retailers and restaurants, accommodating different budget needs.
  • Square offers free software and a card reader, reducing business start-up costs.
  • The system includes inventory management features, aiding in efficient stock management


  • Square POS may not be suitable for businesses that require many industry-specific features.


The purchasing price for Square POS is $35. The processing fees are 2.65% per card and 2.9% + 30 cents per paid Square.

TouchBistro: Best for Restaurants

touchbistro logo

TouchBistro is the top restaurant POS choice due to its specialised features and user-friendly interface.


TouchBistro is a top-rated tablet POS system specifically designed for restaurants. It offers a range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of dining establishments. With TouchBistro, restaurants can efficiently manage their operations with table management, allowing them to easily organise seating arrangements and track available tables.

The tableside ordering feature enables servers to take orders directly on the tablet, reducing errors and speeding up service. TouchBistro’s floor plan management feature provides a visual representation of the restaurant layout for seamless navigation.

With offline capabilities, this POS system ensures that restaurants can continue serving customers without an internet connection. Plus, TouchBistro offers specific delivery service settings, making it easier for businesses to handle online orders and streamline their delivery process.


  • TouchBistro offers offline capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted service even without an internet connection.
  • It provides settings for delivery, enhancing efficiency for takeaway and delivery services.
  • It includes a customer loyalty program vital in retaining customers and encouraging repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.
  • This system is specifically designed for restaurants offering features such as real-time inventory management, fast order processing and secure payment options.


  • Their software is solely compatible with iOS, limiting it to iPad hardware.
  • Some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the customer support offered by the company.


TouchBistro plans start at $69/mo. The processing fees vary depending on the processor. 

Lightspeed: Best for Retail Businesses



Lightspeed Retail is the ideal tablet POS system for retail businesses, offering a range of features and functionalities explicitly tailored to their needs.


Lightspeed is the top tablet POS system for retail businesses. With its customisable solutions, Lightspeed helps retailers streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The system provides built-in payment processing rates, making it easy for companies to accept customer payments.

It is compatible with iOS devices, allowing retailers to use their preferred Apple products for seamless integration. Moreover, Lightspeed offers international processing capabilities, enabling retail businesses to expand their reach beyond borders and cater to a global customer base.

With Lightspeed’s advanced features and user-friendly interface, retail owners can effectively manage inventory, track sales, and provide exceptional customer service.


  • Lightspeed offers customisable solutions for retail businesses.
  • This POS system has built-in payment processing rates.
  • Lightspeed provides international processing capabilities, making it a good option for global businesses.
  • It offers inventory management features beyond standard stock counts, providing more comprehensive control over stock levels.


  • Lightspeed is only compatible with iOS devices, limiting its utility for companies that use other operating systems.
  • Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Lightspeed’s customer service.
  • Compared to its competitors, Lightspeed can be relatively expensive.


Lightspeed tablet POS’s starting price is 89 CAD, with a payments card-present-rate of 2.6%+ 10c.

Shopify POS: Most Affordable


shopify pos

Shopify POS is a highly affordable tablet POS system offering various features and functionalities for businesses.


Shopify Pointe of Sale is a highly affordable tablet POS system that offers a range of features to meet the needs of businesses. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, providing flexibility for users.

One standout feature of Shopify POS is its multichannel selling integrations, allowing businesses to sell their products across multiple platforms seamlessly. This system also prioritises ease of use and flexibility without sacrificing essential point-of-sale functionalities.

Additionally, Shopify POS offers trustworthy cancellation options, giving business owners peace of mind if they need to change or terminate their accounts. With its affordability and comprehensive features, Shopify POS is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable tablet POS solution.


  • It is the most affordable tablet POS system, making it ideal for businesses with tight budgets.
  • Shopify POS is compatible with Android and iOS, providing versatility and convenience for users.
  • The system offers trustworthy cancellation options, giving business owners more control and flexibility.
  • It boasts effective multichannel selling integrations, which can streamline sales and improve business efficiency.


  • Some business owners may feel the cost-saving is offset by the need to pay additional transaction fees.
  • Certain features may operate differently across each platform, potentially causing inconsistencies.
  • Not all features may be available after cancellation, which could disrupt business operations.
  • Multiple integrations may complicate the user interface, making navigating harder for some users.


The pricing starts at 7 CAD/month, and credit card rates are 5% + 0¢ CAD in person and 5% + 30¢ CAD online.

Loyverse POS: Best for Customer Loyalty

loyverse logo

Loyverse POS is the top choice for businesses looking to enhance customer loyalty.


Loyverse POS is a highly recommended tablet POS system that excels in its customer loyalty features. It offers compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of businesses.

One standout feature of Loyverse POS is its free loyalty program functionality, allowing businesses to reward their customers and foster customer retention. What sets Loyverse apart is that it does not have any monthly subscription or transaction fees, making it an affordable choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

With this cost-effective option, businesses can focus on improving their operations and enhancing the customer experience without worrying about additional expenses.


  • It offers a free loyalty program functionality, which can enhance customer retention.
  • Loyverse POS does not charge monthly subscription or transaction fees, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses.
  • This POS system is compatible with various devices, including Android and iOS.


  • While a robust system, its learning curve may be steep for some users.
  • Some users have reported the system occasionally experiencing slowdowns, which could impact the speed of transactions.
  • Although the system is versatile, it might not offer some industry-specific features that some businesses may require.


Loyverse is a free POS for the basic features. However, there are charges for add-ons. 

Understanding Tablet POS Systems

A Tablet POS system is a modern point-of-sale solution that uses a tablet device, such as an iPad or Android tablet, to perform various business operational tasks. It allows businesses to streamline payment transactions, record-keeping, and inventory management in one convenient platform.

Tablet POS systems offer flexibility, ease of use, and increased efficiency for businesses in various industries.

What is a Tablet POS System?

A Tablet POS (Point of Sale) system is a mobile platform that lets businesses process payment transactions more effectively. It turns your tablet device, like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, into a complete payment processing solution.

This system allows business owners to handle operational tasks such as record-keeping and inventory management right from their tablets. This technology helps increase efficiency, speed up service delivery, and enhance security in managing daily sales transactions.

For example, popular systems like Square offer free software and card readers to make it even easier for businesses to get started with digital payments. Other notable platforms include TouchBistro for restaurants and Lightspeed for retail shops because of their industry-specific features.

Importance of Tablet POS Systems for Businesses

Tablet POS systems act as a cornerstone in today’s digital business environment. They streamline operational tasks, amplify efficiency and secure payment transactions. With a tablet POS system, businesses can modernise their record-keeping practices without costly hardware upgrades.

Inventory management becomes a breeze, and serving customers at speed turns into the new normal. Businesses leveraging these powerful tools stand out by providing superior customer experience while managing day-to-day operations efficiently.

From restaurant owners to boutique owners and coffee shop proprietors, everyone reaps the rewards of this innovation. It makes credit card processing swift while ensuring safety for both parties involved.

Moreover, they offer compatibility with various devices, such as Android tablets or iPads, further providing flexibility for businesses across all sectors.

Innovation does not stop there; some tablet POS systems include other standout features like loyalty program functionality or offline applications—adding value beyond just point-of-sale duties.

The technology constantly evolves to match growing business needs, resulting in increasingly feature-rich offerings on the market today.

Therefore, it is undeniable that Tablet POS Systems significantly contribute towards driving success in modern businesses by empowering them with agility, security, enhanced customer relations and much more.

How to Choose the Right Tablet POS System for Your Business

Consider cost, system functionality, customer loyalty features, and flexibility when choosing a tablet POS system for your business.

Cost Considerations

Deciding on a tablet POS system can significantly impact your business’s budget. The average cost typically ranges from $30 to $800 per month, which may include potential transaction fees.

Some providers like Square give free software and card readers, proving relatively cost-effective. Allowing no monthly charges, PayPal Zettle emerges as another economical choice for smaller businesses.

Lightspeed provides built-in payment processing rates and thus helps in reducing transaction costs. Shopify hits the bull’s eye, being the most affordable one with its pocket-friendly multichannel selling integrations.

Hence, it’s vital to thoroughly understand these different pricing structures before choosing a suitable solution that fits within your financial means but also fulfils all your operational needs.

System Functionality

A robust tablet POS system, like Square or Shopify, provides more than just payment transactions. It streamlines operational tasks and boosts efficiency through its multi-faceted features.

Inventory management becomes a breeze as these systems automatically track stock levels in real-time. This ensures businesses always have goods and can anticipate demand better.

Moreover, some of these systems offer customer loyalty functionalities to reward loyal patrons with points or perks, thus improving the overall customer experience. These devices often support various payment methods, such as credit card reader capabilities, compatibility with Android and iOS platforms and secure offline applications for uninterrupted service even without internet connectivity.

Customer Loyalty Feature

A tablet POS system with a robust customer loyalty feature benefits businesses. This function enables enterprises to build strong customer relationships through reward schemes and loyalty programmes.

Loyverse, a leading tablet POS solution, provides an exemplary customer loyalty program functionality that can be easily incorporated into everyday operations.

Businesses can use this element of Loyverse’s software to track customer purchases and award points based on spending patterns. With the free functionality, businesses can entice customers repeatedly without incurring monthly subscriptions or transaction fees.

The advantage is twofold: it enriches the quality of service for consumers while boosting profits for enterprises by encouraging repeat business.

This built-in feature also adapts well with both iOS and Android systems, which amplifies its versatility as more business owners globally utilise these platforms for their point-of-sale needs.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Being flexible and user-friendly, a Tablet POS system can adapt to various business needs. It fits into different environments – retail shops, restaurants or even small coffee boutiques.

Staff members with basic computer knowledge find these systems easy to operate, reducing time spent on training. Features such as customisable buttons help simplify routine tasks while browsing through the menu becomes effortless due to precise categorisation.

A highly flexible system like Lightspeed offers built-in payment processing rates and international processing options to ease cross-border transactions. Businesses save valuable resources and enjoy seamless operations, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tablet POS Systems

Can I use my tablet as a POS system?

Yes, you can use your tablet as a POS system. Many tablet POS systems allow businesses to accept payments, manage inventory, and perform other essential tasks. Square, for example, is a popular tablet POS system that offers free software and card reader compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

It also includes inventory management features to help keep track of stock levels. With the right software and hardware setup, your tablet can be an efficient and portable point-of-sale solution for your business.

How do you set up a tablet POS system in your business?

Setting up a tablet POS system in your business involves the following steps:

  • Choose a reputable POS software and POS hardware provider.
  • Link the software to a payment processor for seamless transactions.
  • Connect the tablet POS system to a reliable network for uninterrupted operation.
  • Train your staff on efficient system usage for successful implementation.
  • Select a tablet with a large screen, powerful processing capabilities, and a reliable operating system.
  • Consider cloud-based tablet POS systems for real-time sales data access and remote management.

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