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Practicality has always been the ongoing trend of the 21st century. Technological devices have grown so diverse and limitless that they now exceed the purpose of their original creation. Using less to do more is the new description of a smart move.

Businesses compete, and they can only survive in the market if they’re run smarty, strategically, and efficiently. One of the main components of any business is a Point of Sale. A POS system can either be efficient enough to grow your business or limiting enough to suffocate it. 

Now, do you think your business can really stand out if, for instance, you’re using a traditional, on-premise POS system, that makes people wait in line? If you’re running a mobile business, such as a food truck, do you really believe a chunky fixed machine is your best candidate? We don’t think so. We believe in convenience, and that’s why we recommend Mobile Points of Sales. mPOS systems are as functional as traditional POS systems, except that they have that one functionality that you need: portability.


What is a Mobile POS System?

A Mobile POS system is a point of sale device that manages the transactions taking place between the customer and the merchant. It functions as a cash register and is ideal for conducting businesses on the go. If you run a food truck, work at repair services, or work at off-site farmer markets or conferences,  an mPOS system will take your business to the next level. Instead of being the human cable to your traditional POS machine, you will be as free as ever with the entire POS structure in your pocket.

How does mPOS work?

An mPOS is composed of 3 main elements: the mobile phone (Android or POS) as the hardware, the POS app as the software, and other related devices such as the peripherial debit and credit card reader, and barcode scanner. Those devices can be plugged directly into your phone to take payment immediately. 

Mobile Point of Sales can be used by all types of businesses, small or large, thanks to its convenience and ease of use. However, despite the revolutionary advantages this system offers, one must still take its disadvantages into consideration before deciding to make it the backbone of one’s entire business.

The following are the top 7 reasons why you should choose an mPOS for your business:

Advantages of Mobile POS Systems

No More Waiting in Line

Waiting in line is a thing of the past. No one likes waiting. Stores can get crowded really quickly, and people dislike waiting in line just to swipe their debit card through a card reader. Customers may start avoiding your business for this reason. However, expanded mobile checkouts at your store can bust that line and do wonders to your business! 

Excellent Staff Management

No one likes talking to a Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot treats everyone the same way. Having multiple mPOS checkpoints onsite allows your staff to give every customer the time they need without being in a rush. They can guide them through the menu or show them items’ availability. Your staff will become more organized and less streed-out, and will be more dedicated to it as a result.


Not only do mPOS systems turn every place you go to into a potential market, but your customer is always happy to know that they don’t have to go all the way back to your store in order to manage payment. If you offer home repair services, for example, your mPOS device will make sure to seal the deal then and there. A customer’s dream come true!

A Budget-Friendly Device

mPOS is one of the most affordable systems on the market. You probably already own a smartphone- any smartphone would do. However, you may still pay monthly app fees, so make sure to choose a convenient plan. You can also opt for a free pos system, but we highly recommend that you leave it as your last option.


It will take your staff much longer to adapt to a traditional, complicated POS system. So, since they are already familiar with the mobile user interface that can even outperform its traditional counterpart, why miss the chance?

Nice to the Environment

You won’t have to print out paper receipts that would go straight to the bin afterwards. Your mPOS treats the environment with respect and sends Emailed receipts to your customers. Neat and organized!


Looks are definitely subjective, but can’t we all agree that mPOS systems look sleep, modern, and reliable?  mPOS systems accept all types of cards and are versatile enough to take lead of your business.

Disadvantages of Mobile POS Systems

It depends on your Network’s Speed

Mobile POS systems are not for you if you can’t afford an excellent internet connection or at least make sure that your internet works 98% of the time. Your whole business depends on that wireless connectivity, so, if you think it’s too risky for your business, then you’d be better off with a traditional POS system.

It Runs Into Security Issues

Always choose the system with the most impenetrable network on the market and explain it to the customers. Many customers would rather drive you all the way back to your store than trust a clumsy-looking device with their credit card, so make sure to properly introduce them to the mPOS method.

It can get Costly

True- you may already own a smartphone, but getting a reliable software that requires monthly fees can be a heavy financial commitment.

It is not Durable

A Mobile Point of Sale is, after all, a smartphone. Don’t  rule out the possibilities of theft, breaking apart, malfunctionality, etc. Remember, business is unpredictable as it is! Always have a plan B in hand!

Conclusions for Mobile pos systems 

Our final verdict? Mobile POS system is the employee that will set your business free. Motivated by profit-making and convenience, the little device will turn every location you go to, a potential market. Check out our POS systems for retail and restaurant

Still, it doesn’t make it less of a smartphone, after all, so it does come with predictable and unpredictable risks. If you’re still unsure about what POS to choose, have a look at What is a POS System

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